Buck Wild Hummer Tours

If you want to see some of the most scenic vistas across the Grand Canyon with a professional driver guide who can point out all the highlights at each point in your journey, consider booking a tour with Buck Wild Hummer Tours as part of your canyon itinerary.

Not only do you get all the views, you can enjoy the novelty of the company’s unique vehicles. As the name implies, Buck Wild Hummer Tours uses modified military vehicles known as Humvees (aka Hummers) to allow passengers to ride in comfort and enjoy unobstructed views.

About Buck Wild Hummer Tours

Based in Tusayan, a community just outside the main entrance to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, Buck Wild Hummer Tours is a relative newcomer on the touring scene. But the operators, Papillon Helicopter Tours are not new to the area, bringing a combined fifty years of experience in Grand Canyon touring.

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Why use Hummers? It mostly came down to seating. Unlike Jeep tours, where many passengers have to sit sideways, Buck Wild’s modified Humvees have forward-facing stadium-style seating for up to 13 people. “You get the full sight of the Canyon with no heads blocking your view,” General Manager Stoney Ward told a regional magazine in 2021.

Their vehicles have hard tops and open sides, but during the colder weather months, they can be fitted with removable doors or windows for passenger comfort.

The company’s professional guides don’t give “canned” tours, where they follow the exact same routes and say the same things at each pre-planned stop. Instead, guides are encouraged to choose from a set of stops and to present information as they choose or to fit passengers interests.

Buck Wild also offers passengers the option to design a customized tour, so they have things just as they like. “Some guests just want a private tour of the Grand Canyon with nothing but music playing,” says Ward. “And that’s fine with us.”

Buck Wild Hummer Tours is part of the Papillion Group, which offers an array of helicopter and private plane tours of the Canyon. They offer several combo tours, including the Grand Kingdom Tour, with 40-50 minutes in the air viewing the North and East Rims of the Canyon and the two hour Signature Tour, and the Grand Discovery Tour, with nearly an hour in a small plane viewing the East Rim, the Painted Desert, Zuni Corridor, and Imperial Point, followed again by the Signature Tour. All of which makes for one amazingly scenic day in one of the most scenic spots in the world.

Buck Wild Hummer Tour Spotlight

The Signature Grand Canyon Tour

Buck Wild Hummer Tours offer their Signature Grand Canyon Tour as both daytime and sunset tours. Tours depart from their headquarters at 469 State Route 64 in Tusayan, about two miles from the main entrance to Grand Canyon National Park and last for about two hours.

The tour stops at 3-4 viewing areas along the South Rim. According to their website, common stops include:

  • Yavapai Point & Geology Museum
  • Pipe Creek Vista
  • Duck on a Rock
  • Grandview Point
  • Moran Point
  • El Tovar & Bright Angel Lodge in the Village

Drivers choose where to stop based on a variety of factors, including traffic and weather. Along the way, they can tell you about the history of the American Southwest, Native tribes and history, the geology and the formation of the Canyon, and point out wildlife and native plants and trees.

The sunset tour follows much the same pattern, although — as the name implies — it’s geared towards finding the best spot to watch the sun set over the Canyon.

If you want something more customized, the staff can help you arrange a tour that stops at specific vistas, including some that may not be on the regular list. 

Keep In Mind….

  • Buck Wild Hummer Tours reminds visitors to bring their government-issued photo ids for tour check-in.
  • Sneakers or boots are highly recommended.
  • Tours run rain or shine. They provide light ponchos for drizzle and can close windows for heavier downpours.
  • Children of all ages are welcome to ride, but Arizona car-seat rules apply. For children under 8, you will need to bring a booster seat or car-seat.

Is The Signature Grand Canyon Tour For Me?

Buck Wild Hummer Tours can be a great choice for families and groups, as each vehicle can accommodate about a dozen people at a time. It’s also a great way to enjoy the scenery while letting someone else handle the hassle of driving. Driver-guides are knowledgeable about the geological and human history of the Grand Canyon and are sure to be able to point out things you might not notice on your own. The trip is geared toward the Canyon’s beautiful vistas, assuring you some terrific photos and videos. The Signature Tour sticks mostly to pavement, so it has limited bumps and jumps that might worry people with mobility or back issues. Young children will get a kick out of the Humvee experience.  

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