Pink Adventures Sedona (Formerly Pink Jeep Tours)

Pink Adventure Tours was founded in Sedona, Arizona, in 1960. Since then they have proudly taken over 5 million people on nearly 800,000 tours. Their instantly recognizable fleet of pink vehicles consists of only the finest touring automobiles, and is primarily made up of fully customized Jeep Wranglers, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter coach vans, and Tour Trekker SUVs. Throughout the area they regularly offer some 15 different Sedona jeep tours, with tickets suitable for a variety of vacation budgets. Their tours range all over the scenic Northern Arizona region.

Popular Pink Adventure Tours

Pink Adventure Tours Sedona has tours available costing everything from around $50 at the lower end, up to nearly $160. Departing from Sedona, they have an extensive menu of tours that range far and wide in the area, covering such iconic landmarks as Grand Canyon National Park, Coconino National Forest, Mogollon Rim, Airport Mesa, and many, many more.

Pink Adventure Grand Canyon Premier from Sedona

Pink Adventure Tours’ Grand Canyon Premier tour takes you on a ten-hour adventure from scenic Sedona, Arizona, to the majestic South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Along the way you’ll see some of the most beautiful stretches of landscape found in the Southwestern United States. At Grand Canyon National Park you’ll have plenty of time to explore this wonder of the world. Tickets usually run around $150 per person.

Pink Adventure Grand Canyon Express from Sedona

Pink Adventure Tours’ Grand Canyon Express tour is a streamlined outing that takes you from Sedona to Grand Canyon National Park and back again. The tour usually lasts around eight hours; as a result, you’ll have a nice amount of time to take in the wonders of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon while still being back in scenic Sedona in time for dinner. The Grand Canyon Express tour typically costs around $100 per person.

Broken Arrow Jeep Tour

Taking its name from the 1950 classic-western movie (starring Jimmy Stewart) Broken Arrow, which was filmed in and around Sedona, this is Pink Jeep’s original—and still most-popular—tour. Lasting around 2 hours, and following an exclusive route, the Broken Arrow tour takes you off-road through some of Coconino National Forest’s most breathtaking landscapes. Tickets run approximately $110 for adults, and nearly $100 for children under the age of 12.

Pink Jeep Scenic Rim Tour

Pink Adventure’s Scenic Rim tour is available in three different lengths: a 1.5-hour-long outing, a 2-hour-long excursion, and a 3-hour-long version. Each one of these options serves as a quality introduction to some of the most famous sights and sounds to be experienced in the greater Sedona region.

Diamondback Gulch Jeep Tour

The route of this 2.5-hour long tour highlights a century-old “backcountry wagon trail,” and takes you right to the heart of remarkable local sites like Boynton Canyon, Mingus Mountain, and Coconino National Forest. The climax of the tour occurs along the rugged terrain of Sidewinder Trail, which takes you right to the edge of the steep ravine known as Diamondback Gulch. Just under $100 or so for adults, and nearly $90 for kids 12 or under.

Ancient Ruins Jeep Tour

At 3 hours for a price of about $95 for adults, $85 or so for kids, the Ancient Ruins tour is a popular choice for visitors. You’ll visit the Honanki Heritage site; built by the Sinagua people nearly 700 years ago, the ruins of this cliff-dwelling civilization provide terrific insight into a remarkable culture. You’ll also experience a working archaeological dig, as well as be able to learn more about the history of the greater Sedona area. A 45-minute walk is part of this tour, too.

Touch the Earth Jeep Tour

This unique tour combines sightseeing and spirituality to create one unforgettable Sedona-area experience. Depending on the day, your ultimate destination will be either Mystic Vista or Airport Mesa; these lovely sites are considered two of the most powerful and fascinating vortex sites in the region. Along the way you’ll also see several of Sedona’s most famous natural attractions, including Cathedral Rock and Boynton Canyon. Pink Adventure’s Touch the Earth tour lasts about 2.5 hours, with tickets costing approximately $105 for adults, and $95 or so for all children 12 and under.

Pink Jeep Tour’s Coyote Canyons

This 2-hour-long guided excursion is a good choice if you’re looking for a quality introductory tour to the greater Sedona area. You’ll hit all the highlights in and around Sedona, yet still go off-road for a bit. At the same time, Coyote Canyons remains suitable for all ages. Tours run frequently and regularly throughout the day. Tickets cost approximately $75 per adult, $70 for kids under 12.

Pink Jeep Red Rock Range Tour

It would be fair to call this 2-hour tour a more moderate version of the popular Diamondback Gulch tour. The Red Rock Range tour covers much of the same terrain, yet does so in a more relaxed fashion. Along the way, you’ll see a number of Sedona’s most famous red-rock formations and encounter several of the region’s most sweeping vistas, all while exclusively riding along on a series of “moderate trails.”

Pink Adventure Hiking Tour

This 2.5-hour-long guided tour lets you customize you a hiking excursion in and around the scenic Sedona area. No matter your skill or experience level as a hiker, Pink Adventure Tours will be able to accommodate your abilities and interests with a backcountry-trail hike that is appropriate for you and/or your group. Tickets typically run around $80 per person.

Things to Know & Insider Tips

  • The price of your ticket at Pink Adventure Tours Sedona does not include any sort of gratuity for your driver or guide. It is considered polite to tip around 20%.
  • Check-in time for any Pink Adventure tour is 30 minutes before the time of your tour’s scheduled departure.
  • If for any reason you are forced to cancel your tour reservations, you need to do so at least 48 hours before your tour’s scheduled departure time in order to receive a full refund for the price of your tickets.
  • Pink Adventure Tours provides car seats suitable for all children under the age of 4 years old. They also have available booster seats appropriate for children between the ages of approximately 5 and 7 years old.
  • Given the rough and rugged nature of many of Pink Adventure’s off-road excursions, they strongly recommend that those individuals who wear contact lenses instead wear their eyeglasses (or at least protective sunglasses) on the day of their scheduled tour.

Is Pink Adventure Tours for You?

If you and/or your family are looking for a pleasant introductory tour of the Sedona area—or even a basic tour of the South Rim of the Grand Canyon—then Pink Adventure Tours is a good option. Their long-running history as local tour operators means that they have a strong reputation for consistency and quality; likewise, their ticket prices are reasonable given regional market comparisons, while the fact that they run a lot of tours every day at a mix of different times means you’ll always be able to choose a departure time that best suits your schedule.