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Sedona, Arizona, is one of the most striking and scenic locations in the entire American Southwest. Sedona itself has a pleasant small-town vibe; its quaint streets are lined with an enjoyable mix of shops and restaurants suitable for travel budgets of all shapes and sizes. The biggest attractions here, though, are the breathtaking red-rock landscapes that define Sedona and its surroundings. Sedona is full of iconic landmarks, including such local favorites as Snoopy Rock, Cathedral Rock, Airport Mesa, Boynton Canyon, the Chapel of the Holy Cross, Coconino National Forest, and more. All of these area highlights can be enjoyed via an array of helicopter, hiking, jeep, and coach tours.

Sedona also serves as the jumping-off point for a significant number of tours and excursions that let visitors explore a variety of other destinations throughout this remarkable region. Grand Canyon National Park is only approximately 2 hours to the north; as a result, many additional helicopter, jeep, and coach tours are available to take visitors from Sedona to popular nearby places such as the Painted Desert, Wupatki National Monument, Cameron Trading Post, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon West, and of course, the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

Available Sedona Tours 

An extensive variety of tours depart from Sedona to take visitors on a wide selection of tours running throughout the Northern Arizona region. Here is a list of available tour companies and a brief description of the services each one provides.

Sedona Jeep Tours:

A Day in the West Jeep Tours

Emphasizing the rugged landscapes and rough terrains of the American Southwest, A Day in the West Jeep Tours operates several different kinds of tours in and around beautiful Sedona, Arizona. They run over a half-dozen tours out of their Sedona headquarters, each one highlighting the more adventurous aspects of this remarkable area.

Arizona Safari Jeep Tours

Arizona Safari Jeep Tours offers a mixture of scenic jeep and hiking tours of the Sedona area, group coach outings to the Grand Canyon, and even specialty tours that explore everything from regional wildlife to wine. Given the diversity of the offerings here, prices vary extensively.

Earth Wisdom Jeep Tours

Earth Wisdom Jeep Tours offers a half-dozen or so different off-road tours of the greater Sedona region. Their tours focus on exploring the stunning natural beauty of the area, with special emphasis placed on examining and explaining the legendary spiritual power of the grand red-rock settings of Northern Arizona.

Red Rock Western Jeep Tours

Red Rock Western Jeep Tours operates an extensive number of jeep tours that take visitors on guided outings in and around the greater Sedona area. With prices starting near $50 for a roughly 2-hour tour, this is a rugged-yet-affordable means for getting closer to the natural beauty of the American Southwest.

Pink Adventure Tours

The Sedona-based branch of the popular Pink Adventure Tours guided jeep-tour company offers over a dozen distinctive outings that depart from beautiful Sedona, Arizona. Pink Adventure operates tours available at a variety of price points, and excursions that cover everything in the region from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to the mystical vortex sites found throughout Northern Arizona.

Sedona Off Road Adventures

Sedona Off Road Adventures offers a wide variety of tours from gentle sightseeing tours to the most extreme off-road adventure in the state. Guides are well trained and knowledgeable and get consistently great reviews for giving passengers a fun and enjoyable experience. Cliff Hanger is a narrow trail along the edge of a sheer drop, filled with rocks and short, steep hills.

Sedona Bus/Coach Tours in town and to the Grand Canyon:

Angel’s Gate Tours

Angel’s Gate Tours operates nearly a dozen different tours that run all throughout the greater Grand Canyon region. These tours depart from a variety of different cities, and include everything from scenic sightseeing tours of the Grand Canyon to hiking and rafting tours appropriate for a wide range of experience and skill levels.

Great Venture Tours

Great Venture Tours operates a number of tours that crisscross the scenic landscape of Northern Arizona; these offerings include everything from multiple different types of Grand Canyon excursions to tours of much-heralded Antelope Canyon. Prices vary from tour-to-tour, and there are an assortment of price-points from which to choose.

Great West Tours

Great West Tours offers several different options for touring the Grand Canyon and a number of other popular attractions found in its surrounding region. Prices vary from tour-to-tour, but are competitive with other tour companies operating in the area. If you are staying in Sedona or Flagstaff, limited hotel pickup is possibly available.

Red Rock Magic Trolley

Red Rock Magic Trolley offers visitors three different possible tours of Sedona, Arizona. Prices vary according to the length of tour selected. Between the three available tours, all the major highlights of this charming town are covered. Said highlights include Chapel of the Holy Cross, Jordan Historical Park, Bell Rock, and more.

Red Rock Western Grand Canyon Tours

Part of the same family of tour operators as Sedona Red Rock Western Jeep Tours, Red Rock Western Grand Canyon Tours runs a series of coach tours each day from Sedona to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. These tours are reasonably priced and include a sunset-themed Grand Canyon tour as well as a tour that focuses on the history of the region.

Redstone Tours

Redstone Tours operates a variety of guided tours throughout the Northern Arizona region, leading everything from two-hour introductory excursions through the scenic town of Sedona to full-day outings that move along the world-famous South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Prices vary significantly depending on the type of tour selected.

Sedona Aerial Tours:

Guidance Air

With its fleet of state-of-the-art Robinson R44 and Robinson R66 helicopters, Guidance Air has a reputation for providing guests with safe, scenic, and unforgettable air tours of the lovely Sedona, Arizona, area. Based out of Sedona Airport, Guidance Air offers a selection of different helicopter tours at various durations and costs.

Sedona Air Tours

Sedona Air Tours operates an extensive list of aerial tours throughout the scenic Northern Arizona region. Prices vary widely depending on the sort of tour selected, but offerings include everything from brief, 10-minute rides over the heart of greater Sedona, to full-day outings that take you all the way to the Grand Canyon and back again.

Red Rock Balloons

Red Rock Balloons specializes in scenic hot air balloon rides that soar majestically above the famous red-rock landscape of Sedona, Arizona. Their multi-hour tours also include a complimentary picnic lunch and commemorative DVD of your experience.

Other Sedona Tours:

Sedona Red Rock Tours

Sedona Red Rock Tours runs nearly a dozen different standard tours of the greater Sedona area, as well as a variety of special private/group tours. Their offerings are diverse, both in terms of price and content; they operate several themed tours that cover everything from photography-centric outings to outdoor yoga sessions, with all their tours placing a strong emphasis on Sedona’s spiritual side.

Sedona Star Gazing

Sedona Star Gazing is the region’s go-to option for guided tours . . . of the nighttime sky above! Each night Sedona Star Gazing offers visitors the chance to spend 90 or so minutes at a telescope, with the aid of a trained astronomer, exploring the wondrous night sky above this iconic Southwestern location.

Sedona UFO Tours

Sedona UFO Tours has become a leader in nighttime UFO viewing excursions. The tour, which lasts about 90 minutes, takes stargazers and UFO hunters to nearby mesa for a prime viewing experience. Guides are experienced in UFOlogy, guided meditation, chakra readings, and the history and philosophy of vortexes.



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