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Maverick Airlines’ updated, fuel-efficient, fixed-winged airplanes allow sightseers to reach distant parts of the Grand Canyon in a fraction of the time it would take to hike or drive or even fly by helicopter. This means that you can enjoy even some of the most famous South Rim vistas and return to your Las Vegas hotel within a matter of hours! Maverick Airlines’ flights depart from the Henderson Executive Airport, just a few minutes’ drive from the Las Vegas strip. Tours range from few-hours-long air-only excursions to much longer adventures with add-ons such as helicopter tours, hiking, and more: choose the tour that’s right for you based on duration, your capabilities, and even particular landmarks. You can also customize once-in-a-lifetime group tours for parties, reunions, corporate retreats, and more!

Maverick Airlines was founded in 2008, 13 years after the launch of Maverick Helicopters. Though it’s a smaller operation than its sister service, the Maverick Aviation Group founders aim for the same levels of luxury, service, and safety that made Maverick Helicopters so successful. Maverick Airlines’ FAA-certified pilots fly two kinds of turbo-propellor airplanes: the 19-passenger Beechcraft 1900D (with a stand up cabin), and the brand-new 9-passenger Cessna Grand Caravan (where all the seats are window seats). In addition, the Cessna was designed with higher wings to allow exceptional visibility and lower-altitude flying, taking you deeper into the heart of the Canyon. Finally, Maverick Airlines maintains the highest safety level in the industry—so you can enjoy your luxury Grand Canyon getaway worry-free.

Maverick Airline Features and Amenities (in most tours):

  • Complimentary pickup and drop-off at Las Vegas hotels within 5 miles of the Strip
  • Friendly, service-focused pilots offering personalized tour narration—even spend a few minutes in the cockpit (flight deck) for unmatched picture-taking!
  • Fuel-efficient luxury tour planes designed for comfort and the best sightseeing possible
  • Boxed lunches (or a complimentary meal at a Grand Canyon location) included
  • All Maverick tours are operational year round, 365 days per year!
  • For heavier passengers, Maverick offers seat belt extenders.

Notes and Things to Improve:

  • Please note that, due to the low altitudes at which the planes fly and the often unpredictable weather conditions near the Canyon, flights can be canceled unexpectedly. Maverick offers a comprehensive cancelation policy, however, so if this happens you can simply switch to a different tour
  • Similarly, depending on the number of passengers that sign up, tours may be switched, combined, or changed in other ways. Just remember this when preparing for your trip, keep an open mind, and trust Maverick’s commitment to customer service—you’ll have an unforgettable journey regardless!
  • It’s a good idea to bring water, snacks, layers of clothes, sunscreen, something to occupy the kids if necessary—and definitely a camera!
  • At present, tours are only available in English
  • Please note that passengers 18 and older must carry valid photo ID (children under 2 must have ID as well for proof of age to qualify as a lap child). Maverick Airlines follows the TSA no-fly list to help insure everyones safety.

Sample of Popular Maverick Airline Tours

Grand Canyon Western Territory Tour:

Experience the unparalleled natural beauty of the Grand Canyon from both the air and the ground! Fly to the Canyon’s West Rim, where you’ll take a shuttle (with narrated tour) to Guano Point—one of the West Rim’s most spectacular vistas. You can take a shuttle to Eagle Point and walk along the 4,000-ft-high glass Skywalk (optional), wander along footpaths and take photos, and experience a Native American-style BBQ.

Tribal Spirit:

This tour gives you the opportunity to, in a sense, create your own itinerary! After a phenomenal flight across the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead to the Grand Canyon’s West Rim, board a helicopter for a breathtaking 3,500-foot descent into the Canyon. Finally, choose between myriad activities, from hiking at Guano Point, to exploring a Native American village (including live performances) at Eagle Point, to experiencing the Skywalk, and other optional add-ons.

Souring Eagle Tour:

The perfect air-only tour for the time-strapped tourist (or even Las Vegas natives looking for a day’s escape!). Enjoy some of the Canyon’s most famous vistas—including the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, the Colorado River, Fortification Hill (an extinct volcano),Temple Rock, Boulder City, and more—all without leaving your luxury window seat!

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  1. Last September, my family booked the the Navigator & Helicopter Tour of the Grand Canyon thru FlyMaverick. We had such a great time, that my daughter and I escorted my Daddy (3 generations) out to Las Vegas last week so that he could see the Grand Canyon and tour the Hoover Dam- that was on his bucket list. So on May 21st, we took the same tour thru FlyMaverick. My Daddy, a former Marine, loved everything about the tour! From our resort (SLS) pick-up by Ray to Ron our pilot to the helicopter ride into the canyon- IT WAS EXCELLENT! You folks run a first class operation! THANK YOU for being so professional and friendly and sharing your back yard with folks from the east coast.

  2. Just returned from a grand Canyon trip with my daughter. From hotel pick up to fly over,landing,lunch…it was perfect! Absolutely lovely people. The drivers were friendly and informative,the pilots lovely, and I would recommend this trip to anyone. Flawless!


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