Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

A Grand Canyon helicopter tour takes tourists for an aerial guide of scenic, historic and national landmarks and points of interest. Companies that specialize in aerial tourism offer helicopter tours; some aerial tour guide companies fly only helicopters, while others offer some combination of air, bus or ground tours.

Helicopter tours can last anywhere from fifteen minutes to an all-day or overnight xcxcursion. Most helicopter tour companies offer charter flights and customizable tours. While prices and tour locations vary between companies, all helicopter tour businesses agree upon one thing: bring a camera! The unparalleled aerial photos that you can attain only at high altitudes can take your family vacation photo album to a whole new level.

Advantages of Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

  • Helicopter tours are ideal for people who have a small window of time for travel excursions, such as a busy executive on a business trip.
  • Helicopters can take off and land just about anywhere, and their maneuvering dexterity enables them to travel to hard-to-reach places, allowing for a unique tour experience.
  • Tour companies design helicopter tour packages at different prices, so virtually everyone can find an aerial adventure to suit their budget.
  • A helicopter tour is an optimal way for someone who has difficulty walking to enjoy sightseeing. Many helicopter tour companies offer special accommodations to passengers with disabilities.
  • Great for families, a helicopter tour can be the most memorable part of the trip for everyone.

Disadvantages of Helicopter Tours

  • While the sights from the sky may be unique, you won’t get the face-to-face perspective with the area’s geography and inhabitants from a plane.
  • Helicopters are slower than airplanes, and they also use more fuel.
  • Most helicopter tour companies provide multi-lingual audio guides to enhance the tour. People who prefer a live guide might find this style somewhat impersonal.
  • Helicopter tours can be expensive- even the most economical tours can cost over seventy dollars for a fifteen-minute flight.
  • There can be a surcharge if you weigh over two hundred and seventy-five pounds. Check with the helicopter tour company to find out their surcharge policies before booking a flight.

Who Should (and shouldn’t) Take a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

People who enjoy adrenaline-pumping activities will have fun on a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. Photographers, cinematographers and digital artists will also appreciate the alternate viewpoint that high-altitude creativity can provide. Helicopter tours are great for individuals, couples and families. Some helicopters seat around seven people plus the pilot, so a medium-sized family could have a memorable vacation experience together. If traveling solo, a helicopter tour is a great way to meet new people who aren’t afraid of heights…or adventure!

If you are more than thirty-five weeks pregnant, you should not take a helicopter tour. Individuals with cardiovascular or heart issues also should not embark on this kind of high-altitude entertainment. Those who have a profound fear of flying should definitely not take a helicopter tour, nor should those who experience air or motion sickness.

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