Papillon Grand Celebration Tour

This lavish adventure gives you the chance to experience the Grand Canyon’s majesty (as well as surrounding Southwest landmarks) from multiple perspectives. See the entire expanse of the Canyon from your luxurious, sightseeing-designed EC-130 helicopter, discover incredible rock formations below the Canyon’s rim that can’t be reached by any other means, and land at the bottom of the Canyon for some up-close and personal exploration, complete with champagne picnic. It’s no wonder that this is Papillon Helicopters’ most popular tour!

Papillon Grand Celebration Tour Details

Papillon Helicopters offers door-to-door service, with free pickup and drop-off between major Las Vegas hotels and their private Boulder City terminal. Here, you’ll board a luxurious helicopter specifically designed for an incredible touring experience—complete with panoramic wraparound windows, climate control, and comfortable first-class seating for only six passengers (plus your friendly and highly trained pilot)! Enjoy a 70-minute (round-trip) flight with pre-recorded multilingual narration over the Grand Canyon, including unmatched views of the Hoover Dam and Lake Mead on the way. Once you reach Grand Canyon West, your pilot will steer you past some of the West Rim’s most unforgettable landmarks before descending to Papillon’s private landing site 4,000 feet below the Canyon’s rim! Here, you’ll have 30 minutes to relax over a delicious champagne brunch, all while marveling at the surrounding scenery, before boarding your helicopter for the flight home.

Papillon Grand Celebration Tour Highlight: Grand Canyon landing

Papillon Helicopters has access to a private landing location below the Grand Canyon’s West Rim on ancient Havasapai Nation lands. You’ll land atop a spectacular plateau overlooking the Colorado River—that magnificently powerful body of water responsible for forming the Grand Canyon over the course of the past 17 million years (at least!) by gradually cutting its way through stone. You’ll have the chance to explore the plateau, take unforgettable photographs, and enjoy a specially prepared luxury champagne picnic—all in the heart of the Grand Canyon!

Is the Papillon Grand Celebration Tour for You?

You might want to re-consider a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon—especially its descent and ascent of over 4,000 feet to the Canyon’s heart and back—if you suffer from a fear of heights or of flying. Note, though, that all of Papillon’s pilots have gone through the most rigorous training programs available, far surpassing FAA regulations. Many past passengers describe both their initial apprehension about the trip, as well as how safe and relieved they felt over the course of the flight! In addition, some passengers feel that the tour doesn’t allow as much “ground time” for exploration as they would’ve liked. Overall, Papillon’s Grand Celebration is the perfect choice for those willing to pay for a luxurious and intimate Grand Canyon tour experience with opportunities for sightseeing from all angles, but without rigorous adventure options such as hiking or rafting.

3 thoughts on “Papillon Grand Celebration Tour”

  1. Hello, I have booked and paid for 2 tickets for the Grand Celebration Tour for 10 July 2015 booking ref: 1821152 but haven’t yet received my E-tickets.
    Please could you email them to me at [email protected].
    Thank you.
    Mrs Denise Harris

    • Hi Denise,
      We just went on this tour on Monday and it was fabulous. We bought and paid for our tickets online as well and we never received etickets either. We had our booking # and that is all we needed, they had all our info. Just thought I’d put your mind at ease a bit.
      Joy Butler


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