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In order to ensure that your Grand Canyon getaway is everything you dreamed of, it’s essential to choose the right tour company—after all, the character of your tour company will determine the character of your trip! There are a wide variety of tour companies operating in and around the Grand Canyon. These tour companies differ in specific ways, as well as the overall “feel” or type of experience each provides.

When selecting a tour company, there are numerous questions to keep in mind. For example, are you looking to see the Canyon on a budget, or would you prefer a high-end luxury tour (with the price tag to match)? Do you want a simple bus tour, or would your Grand Canyon dream be incomplete without an everything-included combo tour—allowing you to experience the Canyon from multiple perspectives on a series of different adventures? Do you prefer the intimacy of a small company or the smooth-running quality assurance of a big business? Would you prefer a tour that includes all transportation—bringing you to the Canyon from Las Vegas, say, before continuing your adventure? Or would you rather get to the Grand Canyon yourself and work with a tour company that operates directly out of the Grand Canyon National Park or Grand Canyon West?

Given the sheer number of tour companies available, as well as the similarities and differences between them, making a choice might seem daunting to say the least. That’s why Grand Canyon Deals ensures that you have everything you need to make the most informed decision available, guaranteeing that your Grand Canyon dream becomes a reality. After all, with so many different options to choose from, there’s a tour company that’s perfect for everyone!

Maverick Helicopter Tours

Maverick Helicopters is dedicated to providing every guest with a personalized, VIP experience. They offer a variety of predesigned tours—many with add-ons included—and offer full service from Las Vegas.

Maverick Airlines

Maverick Airlines is a newer company with the same service and safety standards as Maverick Helicopters. An airplane will get you to the Canyon faster so that you can enjoy additional (optional) activities!

5 Star Helicopter Tours

The company to call for the best experience on a Las Vegas helicopter flight. They have custom-made seats with the perfect views, and they also offer many options along the way to tailor your flight to your needs.

Grand Canyon Airlines

Grand Canyon Airlines has been operational since 1927! Their custom touring aircraft will get you to the Canyon quickly so that you can enjoy multiple add-on packages—or just relax and enjoy the view.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours specializes in luxury Las Vegas-based tours (though they also depart from Page, AZ or the GCNP): enjoy limos, champagne, partner company add-ons, and more!

Grand Canyon Railway

The Grand Canyon Railway offers a truly unique experience: travel through the heart of the Canyon in a historic and luxurious passenger train! Choose from multiple classes of luxury and optional overnight stays.

Serenity Tours

Serenity Tours is a small company that prides itself on individualized customer service: from complimentary pickup in luxury vans, to personalized tour narration delivered by your friendly (and extremely experienced!) pilot, and more.

Papillon Helicopter Tours

Papillon offers small-group flights with specially trained pilots able to fly the entire Canyon—meaning you’ll have the chance to witness otherwise unreachable views! Service from Las Vegas or from the Canyon’s West or South Rim.

Pink Jeep Tours Grand Canyon

Pink Jeep Tours provides small-group trips around the Grand Canyon’s rim in an open-air, all-terrain touring vehicle. Touring services are offered from the National Park itself or from Las Vegas.

Pink Adventure Tours Sedona

A one-of-a-kind jeep tour company that provides visitors from all over the world with an unforgettable experience. With 15 different tours, this company has something for everyone. From $50 to nearly $160, they have the perfect tour for you!

Buck Wild Hummer Tours

Buck Wild Hummer Tours are the best way to see the Grand Canyon, with professional driver guides who are able to point out all the highlights at each point in your journey. You’ll love the novelty of the company’s unique vehicles: modified military vehicles known as Humvees.

Grand Canyon Coaches

Grand Canyon Coaches offers more affordable day-trip rides to the Grand Canyon in state-of-the-art touring motorcoaches, plus a selection of activities to participate in upon arrival.

Great West Tours – Sedona

Based out of beautiful Sedona, Arizona, Great West Tours has been leading mini-bus tours throughout the American Southwest for nearly 15 years. They offer a number of different kinds of tours for visitors with a wide range of interests, desires, and budgets.

Great Venture Tours – Flagstaff, Sedona

Great Venture Tours is a good option for visitors to the greater Grand Canyon region who seek a quality guided tour. With multiple different types of tours, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs.

Scenic Airlines Grand Canyon Tours

In addition to fantastic sightseeing from touring-designed planes, Scenic offers over 26 tours varying in length, price and including numerous add-ons. Complimentary pickup and drop-off in Las Vegas.

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