Grand Canyon Combination Tours

A combination tour is a good way to explore multiple activities while sightseeing. Tour companies offer combination tours, and they are a popular alternative to a traditional tour. While professional tour guides offer combination tours, it is most common to book a multi-activity excursion through a larger, more established tour company.

It’s important to do your research before picking a combination tour. Especially if you are choosing a potentially high-risk activity, such as a helicopter ride or white-river rafting, you will want to ensure that the company or individual you are contracting is accredited, and that you are in safe hands. There are many types of combination tours: examples of multi-activity vacation expeditions include any combination of helicopter, airplane, motor coach, Jeep and rafting outings.

Advantages of Grand Canyon Combination Tours

  • If you have a short attention span, you will enjoy the multiple activities
  • People who have little time to travel can combine sightseeing with adventure in a single afternoon.
  • With a good combination tour, you can get the feeling of getting two vacation experiences for the price of one.
  • If you don’t enjoy one part of the tour, you might really like the other component.

Disadvantages of Combination Tours

  • By packing in more than one activity, you don’t have as much time to experience it.
  • You might feel rushed by taking part in multiple activities in a short time.
  • While combination tours might seem like a good deal, some can be costly, and you will want to shop around before choosing a tour.
  • One segment of the tour might be appropriate for children, while the other may not.

Combination Tours- Are They Right for You?

A multi-activity excursion can provide a week’s worth of entertainment in a day, but this kind of action-packed activity isn’t for every physical and personality type. If you have any physical disabilities, you might be able to take part in the bus portion of the tour, but not the rafting segment. Small children, pregnant women or individuals with existing injuries should not, in most cases, take part in a combination tour. If groups of people make you uncomfortable, you might want to book a private tour instead of going with the group.

People who are group-oriented and adventurous will like the potential for meeting new friends and taking part in teamwork activities in a new environment. The constant changes of scenery and activities will appeal to the adventurous type who is easily bored. Plus, if you are highly athletic, you can experience more than one physical activity. However, you don’t have to be an Olympian to enjoy a combination tour, because not every excursion involves an athletic component: photographers and cinematographers will enjoy the artistic diversity that a combination tour can provide.

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