Grand Canyon South Rim Restaurants

Guests staying in or passing through Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim are sure to be looking for a restaurant option at one point or another. Whether you’re in search of a luxurious fine dining experience or simple family-favorite cuisine, you’ll find the ideal option for you. While most places make at least some nod to the southwestern roots, you’ll find plenty of classic American fare for the selective eaters among your group. Price points vary, too, so you’ll be able to choose based on your budget in addition to your culinary inclinations.

Here are the primary South Rim Restaurants in Grand Canyon Village, listed in alphabetical order:

The Arizona Room

This grand dining room is second only to El Tovar in the fine dining scene at the Grand Canyon’s South Rim. Offering delicious southwestern fare at really reasonable prices, this venue is known for their views of the canyon and for their locally-sourced ingredients. Good for those looking for something special without being too high end.

Bright Angel Fountain

This casual little stand is a favorite stop at the top of the Bright Angel Trail. Serving up casual food like sandwiches, hotdogs, and their famous ice cream, the Fountain is perfect for lunch after a morning of canyon exploring or a snack any time of day.

Harvey House Cafe

A good middle-of-the-road option in this neighborhood, the restaurant at Bright Angel Lodge features primarily diner-style cuisine. You’ll get a wide variety of classic favorites, plus some special southwestern offerings. Keep an eye out for the Mary Colter-inspired design inside, too. The was the Bright Angel Restaurant.

El Tovar Dining Room

This is the epitome of elegance on the South Rim. The only restaurant with a dress code and the priciest option, it’s best reserved for special occasions. They serve almost entirely locally sourced food and wine, and offer an expertly curated selection of high-end cuisine.

Maswik Food Court

The most casual option in Grand Canyon Village, this venue is essentially an easy-going, self-serve food court. Fare is simple but tasty, like American favorites and the obligatory tacos/fajitas. Come here for a relaxed dining experience that’s often less busy and less expensive than the other options.

Yavapai Lodge Restaurant

This cafeteria-style option is another casual venue for dining in Grand Canyon Village. Set further away from the main drag but still within an easy driving distance, it offers western BBQ-style staples alongside a basic bar selection.

Canyon Village Deli

The Canyon Village Market & Deli is your go-to spot on the South Rim. Stocking everything from camping essentials to an assortment of souvenirs, it even houses Grand Canyon National Park’s only bank and post office facilities. A deli and grocery carry all manner of food options.

Bright Angel Bicycle Café

This adorable, cottage-like establishment is part-coffee shop, part-bike shop. Grab a casual meal to go, or throw back a quick coffee as you check out their assortment of rental bikes, hiking equipment, and Grand Canyon souvenirs.