Grand Canyon Destinations – Las Vegas

Based in Las Vegas, Grand Canyon Destinations offers full-service guided tours of stunning area attractions like the iconic South Rim of the Grand Canyon—located squarely in the heart of majestic Grand Canyon National Park; stunning Grand Canyon West—where you’ll find the renowned Skywalk, a glass-bottomed bridge that lets you “step out” over the Grand Canyon at a height of some 4,000 feet; and Hoover Dam, an engineering marvel that created lovely Lake Mead—one of the largest water reservoirs in the entire United States. With Grand Canyon Destinations, standard tours and exclusive, VIP tours are both available on a regular basis.

Popular Grand Canyon Destination Tours

No matter whether you choose a tour that takes you to Grand Canyon National Park, Grand Canyon West, or Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon Destinations’ transportation usually involves state-of-the-art buses that seat approximately 60 people; however, certain tours are available via luxury coach vans that hold only a dozen or so guests. Depending on the tour you select, per-person prices typically run from around $50 all the way up to nearly $200.

Grand Canyon National Park Bus Tour

This day-long guided tour usually costs around $100 per person. You’ll be picked up from your hotel between 6:00am and 7:00am, and returned back there at the end of a long but fun day of sightseeing. Attractions along the way include brief stops at Hoover Dam, Kingman, Arizona, and Seligman, Arizona. The main highlight, of course, is Grand Canyon National Park—where you’ll spend around 3 hours exploring such legendary locations as Mather Point and the area around Bright Angel Lodge. Complimentary bottled water, snacks, and lunch are included.

Grand Canyon National Park Small Group Tour

This popular VIP tour provides you with all the same benefits of the regular Grand Canyon National Park tour, except that this time, you’ll be traveling as part of a small group aboard a luxurious Mercedes-Benz Sprinter coach van. A ticket for this exclusive tour typically runs approximately $150 per person.

Grand Canyon West Skywalk Bus Tour

This guided tour takes you from your Las Vegas hotel of choice to the remote but remarkable Grand Canyon West. There you’ll have around 4 hours to explore. Optional add-ons include tickets to the Skywalk, a 15-minute helicopter ride, and/or a pontoon-boat ride through a portion of the Canyon. Complimentary breakfast snacks and deli lunches are provided, and the tour stops briefly at Hoover Dam for photographs. A ticket goes for almost $120 per person.

Grand Canyon West Skywalk Small Group Tour

The VIP version of the Grand Canyon West Skywalk tour costs around $180 person, and includes all the same elements as the regular Grand Canyon West Skywalk tour—except this edition of the excursion is limited to a very small number of people per outing. Transportation is provided via a state-of-the-art coach van that has large windows and video-playing capabilities.

Hoover Dam Tour

This special outing to the impressive and immense Hoover Dam usually lasts around 5 hours, and costs about $40 per person. Pick-up and drop-off at your hotel of choice is provided. Complimentary snacks and bottled water are yours to enjoy during the tour.

Things to Know & Insider Tips

  • Regardless of whether you are going to the Grand Canyon or Hoover Dam, it is also a good idea to bring useful supplies like sunscreen and sunglasses, as well as comfortable walking shoes. None of the tours offered by Grand Canyon Destinations require strenuous hiking, but it is always better to be prepared.
  • All Grand Canyon Destinations vehicles provide free Wi-Fi service; they are also fully air-conditioned. A unisex restroom is located onboard, too.
  • Grand Canyon Destinations highly recommends making reservations, particularly if you are interested in taking one of their VIP tours, which are typically limited to 14 people per excursion.
  • If for any reason you must cancel your reservation, you must do so at least 24 hours ahead of time in order to receive a refund.
  • The price of your Grand Canyon Destinations tour ticket does not include any sort of tip for your driver/guide. It is considered customary to provide them with a gratuity of approximately 20%.

Is Grand Canyon Destinations the Tour Company for You?

The various sightseeing tours offered by Grand Canyon Destinations are a good fit for those visitors to Las Vegas who want to slip in an adventure (or two!) to the wonders of nearby attractions like Grand Canyon West, Grand Canyon National Park, and Hoover Dam/Lake Mead. Many guests report greatly enjoying their experiences with Grand Canyon Destinations, and recommend their services enthusiastically. For those visitors selecting the Grand Canyon National Park Bus Tour option, it’ll be a long day of riding along, but most tourists report it being well worth it.