Papillon Grand Voyager Expedition Tour

Though admittedly expensive, Papillon’s Grand Voyager Expedition Tour provides users with a truly unique, all-inclusive Grand Canyon experience. Choosing this 7-hour long tour is a commitment in both time and money, but it gives travelers all that the Grand Canyon and Papillon Tours has to offer, all at once.

Papillon Grand Voyager Expedition Tour Details

This full-day tour begins in Las Vegas with curbside pick-up from most major hotels. Travelers board a fixed-wing airplane for the 45-minute flight to Grand Canyon West Airport where they transfer to a helicopter bound for the bottom of the Canyon. After landing on the banks of the Colorado River, travelers take a pontoon boat ride through the Canyon before heading back up via helicopter. As if that is not enough, once back at Grand Canyon West, a shuttle service takes travelers to Guano Point or they are free to wander around Grand Canyon West. Finally, another fixed-wing aircraft then returns travelers to Las Vegas.

Grand Voyager Expedition Tour Highlights: Guano Point

One of the highlights of the Papillion Grand Voyager Tour is travelers’ access to Guano Point on the Hualapai Reservation of Grand Canyon West. An area usually overlooked by most Canyon visitors, Guano Point provides unprecedented 360-degree views of the Canyon from above, including its famous Skywalk. Used during the 1950s and 60s as a mine for Guano (bat droppings), the mine’s history is fascinating and even includes a USAF fighter jet collision. In many ways the attempts to (unsuccessfully) mine the Canyon at Guano Point speaks to the majestic power of this Natural Wonder and its ability to, in one way or another, control the more base desires of man.

Is the Papillon Grand Voyager Expedition Tour for You?

This full day experience presents travelers with all the highlights of the Grand Canyon including spectacular views from above and below. This is the right tour for you if you are looking for an all-inclusive one day look at the Canyon and need to leave from Las Vegas. On the other hand, the cost of this tour is steep (though deals exist, so book online in advance!). Ultimately, the choice to take Papillon’s Grand Voyager Tour comes down to a few key components: time, budget, and your willingness to fly. Those who have completed the Grand Voyager praise its spectacular views, particularly the oft-missed Guano Point, and the thrill of helicopters tours, pontoon boats, and the base of the Canyon itself (a treat only accessible via helicopter or intense hiking). Despite the large commitments in time and money, taking the plunge and booking the Grand Voyager is well worth it for die hard Canyon lovers and those looking for a truly magical vacation experience that they will remember for years to come.

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