Papillon Over the Edge Tour from Grand Canyon West

This comprehensive, exhilarating tour combines all the best ways to explore the Grand Canyon into one amazing adventure. Descend to the canyon floor in Grand Canyon West, stroll along the banks of the mighty Colorado River, enjoy a serene cruise down the river on a pontoon boat, and more. This multi-faceted tour highlights the most popular and most effective means of exploring different aspects of the Grand Canyon, as you sample a little bit of everything on your journey. It’s an unparalleled opportunity to see the Grand Canyon like never before.

Papillon Over the Edge Tour Details

You’ll begin your journey at the Papillon heliport with 6 minute helicopter ride down to the floor of the Grand Canyon (there are actually few other places in the entire canyon where can you easily reach the canyon floor without any climbing or hiking). Along the way, you’ll get unbeatable views of these striking canyon walls. Once you’ve reached the canyon floor, take a brief walk along the banks of the Colorado, marveling at the rushing waters, until you reach the departure point for your pontoon excursion. Paddle upstream, then float gently back downstream to your point of origin on a trip that takes about 20 minutes. Then, fly back up to the helicopter terminal and begin your explorations of Grand Canyon West. Sightsee here as long as you’d like (as a nice bonus, Grand Canyon West admission passes are included in the price of the tour), and head home only when you’ve seen your fill.

Papillon Over the Edge Highlights

Grand Canyon West Floor: This unique vantage point on the Grand Canyon is something few travelers ever see. Because reaching the canyon floor in most locations requires extensive, strenuous hiking, it’s a nice change to be able to reach this location with only a brief helicopter ride. Take photos from below of the towering canyon walls, and keep an eye out for indigenous petroglyphs.

Colorado River: This mighty southwestern waterway is a central part of the natural world in this part of the country. See how impressive and beautiful it can be as you journey along a peaceful portion of the river.

Eagle Point: Here you’ll get astonishing views of the canyon floor from a viewpoint that was named after an eagle-like rock formation. You’ll also find the famed Skywalk here (ticketed separately), which allows you to walk out above the canyon floor on a clear glass platform – not for the faint of heart! There’s also a nice Native American gift shop here, a place where you can enjoy native performances, and a scattering of authentic Native dwellings.

Guano Point: One of the most striking viewpoints in the entirety of Grand Canyon West, this is a place to take those postcard-perfect shots. Embark on the “Highpoint Hike” for inimitable views of the Canyon and the Colorado River, and then check out the history of the area. A highlight is the historic tram that used to traverse the canyon to an old guano mine.

Hualapai Ranch: Enjoy plenty of live entertainment and fascinating cultural displays at the Hualapai Ranch. It combines cowboy culture with native Hualapai culture, so it’s a distinctive experience you won’t find anywhere else. You can dine, listen to stories, learn how to make a lasso, go on horseback rides (separately ticketed), or embark on a hiking venture of your own.

Over the Edge is a Great Value!

While this tour certainly is a bit pricey, the value you get for your money is unquestionable. Combine two helicopter rides with a pontoon boat ride and admission to Grand Canyon West plus all it has to offer, and you’ve more than made up the cost of your excursions. The Over the Edge Tour is the ideal option for those looking to explore Grand Canyon West, but who want something a little extra special alongside the viewpoints and native attractions. It can also take a whole day, or only a few hours, depending upon what you’re interested in and how much the family wants to commit to the adventure.