Maverick Grand Canyon Western Territory Tour

This Grand Canyon airplane tour allows you to experience absolutely everything Grand Canyon West has to offer—from its terrifying 4,000-foot high Skywalk, to a Native American-style BBQ meal at Hualapai village, and everything in between. Flying to Grand Canyon West in an airplane cuts down on travel time so that you can spend more of that time exploring the Grand Canyon’s West Rim, learning about the Hualapai at the Indian Village, testing your courage on the skywalk, and more!

Maverick Grand Canyon Western Territory Tour Details

After a free hotel pickup (within 5 miles of the Las Vegas Strip) and departure at Maverick Airlines Henderson terminal, you’ll board a stiff-winged aircraft built for touring, with high wings (so as not to obstruct views) and large, flat windows. Your pilot/tour guide will describe the passing scenery, but the real excitement begins upon landing at Grand Canyon West Airport. Here, you’re free to use the Grand Canyon National Park’s existing shuttle system to travel between three main points of interest: Guano Point (famous for it’s spectacular 360º vistas), Eagle Point (an incredible eagle-shaped rock formation, now home of the Skywalk), and the Hualapai Indian Village, complete with native crafts and performances. With just under 3 hours to explore, you can decide what suits your interests and abilities best—and don’t forget, exploration time includes a delicious Native-style BBQ meal at the Indian Village! Your tour isn’t over, though, until you’ve been dropped back at your Las Vegas hotel by the Maverick shuttle.

Western Territory Tour Highlight:

Grand Canyon Skywalk: have you ever walked on glass, with 4,000 feet of air (and a rushing river) below you, suspended 70 feet from a cliff face? If not, this tour gives you the chance to test even the strongest nerves on the Skywalk! (*Note, though, that the cost of Skywalk entry is not included in this tour.) Though you can’t bring personal belongings on the Skywalk, there are safe lockers as well as a professional photographer if you want picture proof of your daring!

Is the Maverick Grand Canyon Western Territory Tour for You?

You might want to reconsider an airplane tour (and especially the Skywalk option!) if you’re desperately afraid of heights—though Maverick’s exceptionally well-trained pilots have coaxed others through the journey. Otherwise, this is a wonderful tour for groups of all ages and levels of ability. If you can’t walk far, the shuttle system allows you to see everything you want regardless; if you want a good hike, some of the lookout spots include various trailheads (from easy walks to more serious adventures); if you want history, culture, nature, ecology, or just a chance to prove your courage… well, this is the tour for you!

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