Papillon Golden Eagle Air Tour

This time-saving, air-only trip allows Las Vegas visitors to escape the city for a few hours—exceeding your recommended daily dose of incredible natural beauty! Experience awe-inspiring views of the Grand Canyon as well as surrounding Southwest landmarks—from aboard a luxurious, panoramic-windowed ECO-Star helicopter artfully designed with your comfort and the opportunity for phenomenal sightseeing in mind. Oh, and the entire tour is set to carefully choreographed music and fascinating narration! All this, and you’ll still be back in plenty of time for the rest of your day’s Las Vegas plans—no wonder this tour is one of Papillon’s most popular offerings!

Papillon Golden Eagle Air Tour Details

Papillon Helicopters offers complimentary transportation between most major Las Vegas hotels and Papillon’s private helipad in Boulder City. Here, you’ll board a state-of-the-art touring helicopter—featuring wraparound windows that offer nearly 180º views, luxurious “theater-style” comfort seating, climate control, noise reduction, and perfectly choreographed music to match the natural wonders outside. For over an hour, you’ll soar above absolutely astonishing vistas: from the Hoover Dam, to Lake Mead, to the Grand Canyon’s West Rim itself (and so much more along the way). Once at the Canyon, your pilot will show you some of Grand Canyon West’s most famous and beautiful landmarks, including spectacular rock formations at Eagle Point and Guano Point. In addition, your entire tour is accompanied by fascinating and informative narration (available in multiple languages), pointing out geologic aspects of the scenery you otherwise might’ve missed, and filling in some of the history of this World’s Natural Wonder. After your flight, Papillon’s shuttle will drop you back at your hotel and you can continue your Vegas vacation on schedule!

Papillon Golden Eagle Air Tour Highlight: The Grand Canyon

On this air-only tour, you’ll have the opportunity to see the Grand Canyon like never before. Papillon’s helicopters will show you the Canyon from above, giving you an awe-inspiring sense of its incredible length and breadth. Moreover, these helicopters can also fly at a lower altitude than touring airplanes, meaning your pilot can steer you down below the Canyon’s West Rim to give you an entirely different and unique close-up perspective of the Canyon’s incredible cliff faces and rock formations—including the famously spectacular Eagle Point and Guano Point—many of which you simply can’t access via any other means of travel!

Is the Papillon Golden Eagle Air Tour for You?

A helicopter tour—especially a helicopter-only tour like Papillon’s Golden Eagle—probably isn’t the best bet for the traveler who gets airsick or dislikes flying. Also, please keep in mind that this tour does not include a landing at the Grand Canyon, or any additional non-aerial activities. Overall, this helicopter tour is perfect for the traveler who’s short on time and is looking to sit back, relax, and enjoy the most incredible views of Grand Canyon West available! This tour does not skimp on flying time—meaning you have access to the same amount of aerial splendor as lengthier tours of the West Rim, without missing the next point on your Las Vegas itinerary.

8 thoughts on “Papillon Golden Eagle Air Tour”

  1. My wife and I will be in Vegas from 9-26 till 9-30. We will be driving and don’t mind driving to the airport. What is the best time of day and day during our visit to get the BEST rate on your helicopter tour?

    • Hi Bill, Generally speaking you should book your tour a few weeks in advance for the best price. Additionally the earliest tour of the day is usually about $10 dollars cheaper. Driving to the airport means you don’t have to wake up as early. The other bonus is that the light in the Grand Canyon is best in the early morning and at sunset. In the middle of the day it’s not as colorful.

      It does not seem that any one day of the week is cheaper but I’d advise you to book your tour earlier in the vacation. It’s possible that bad weather can get your tour canceled. You want to be able to reschedule. Note that the Golden Eagle Tour is already heavily discounted. Enjoy your trip.

  2. Will be in Las Vegas Sept 29 – Oct 3, 2015. Looking to do this tour. What coupons or discounts are available for this time? Website says buy one get one free or 50 % off. Where do I book this deal? Thanks!

    • Hi Jack and Jill. You are going to Vegas and the Grand Canyon at a great time. The weather is nice and the summer crowds have died down a little.

      This site does not handle bookings. We just look for the best deals and publish them. The Golden Eagle Tour is currently listed as a $100 discount. Just click through one of the green buy buttons which will send you to the appropriate page at Papillon’s site. The tricky part with Papillon’s pages is you have to scroll down to find a way to book your tour.

      Note that this sale is not advertised on Papillon’s site. It’s essentially a hidden page.

  3. Will be in Vegas in March for the race Its a bucket list thing with my Uncle and myself.. Im 330 ls. and my uncle is 220 lbs. we would like to do the tour from Vegas to lake Mead, the dam , Grand canyon and the strip on the wed.after the race. How much more is the surcharge??

    • Papillon has a weight limit of 300 lbs. They weight you while you check in. If you are over 300lbs, they will charge a fee between $50 and $200 for a comfort seat, essentially giving you two seats. You don’t pay the fee when you book the tour, they decide if they want to charge you when you check in.


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