Maverick Helicopters Henderson – Free Spirit Tour

This special early-morning tour has you up at dawn and in the air aboard a state-of-the-art helicopter while the sun is still low in the sky—meaning that by takeoff, the position of the morning sun will allow you to take professionally lit photographs of your journey! If you’re not a morning person, don’t worry: you’ll be rewarded with light snacks and a champagne toast upon arrival at Maverick Helicopters Henderson Helicopter’s private landing location on Native American lands overlooking the Colorado River. You’ll spend over an hour and a half in the air, learning about the surrounding scenery and history from your extremely knowledgeable (and highly safety-certified!) pilot, as well as half an hour on the Canyon floor—and you’ll still be back at your hotel before noon. What a way to start the day!

Maverick Helicopters Henderson Free Spirit Tour Details

Maverick will pick you up at no charge (so long as your Las Vegas hotel is within five miles of the Strip), but be sure you’re ready to go before 6:30am! After a quick drive to Maverick’s conveniently located terminal, you’ll depart for your one-of-a-kind journey in a state-of-the-art ECO-Star helicopter (consistently rated best on the market in terms of visibility and comfort for touring, as well as noise reduction and efficiency!). Your brilliant, friendly, and expertly-trained pilot/guide will provide personal narration as you soar over Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam, Fortification Hill (an extinct volcano)—and, finally, Grand Canyon West itself. Descend 3,500 feet to Maverick Helicopters Henderson’s landing area just 300 feet above the Colorado River and enjoy champagne (plus other beverages) and light snacks. On your return trip, you’ll also fly through the Black Canyon before returning to your Las Vegas hotel—and again, you’ll have done all that well before lunchtime!

Major Free Sprit Highlight:

Grand Canyon landing: experience a truly breathtaking descent 3,500 feet down into the heart of the Grand Canyon onto Hualapai Nation lands! Maverick Helicopters Henderson has a personal landing for their Grand Canyon helicopter tours area just 300 feet above the Colorado River, where you can not only explore and take phenomenal photographs, but also enjoy some morning champagne and snacks!

Is This the Maverick Helicopters Henderson Free Spirit Tour for You?

As always, it’s recommended that passengers afraid of heights or flying rethink a helicopter tour—though Maverick Helicopters Henderson’s pilots are safety-certified at the very highest levels, and past passengers have felt not only safe but pleased with their decision to fly! In addition, this is not the tour for you if you’re not an early riser! (Note, though, that Maverick Helicopters Henderson offers similar tours—for a higher price—later in the day.) Finally, you might want to consider a tour with more ground-time or add-ons if spending time in the Canyon is important to you, as the 30 minutes goes by incredibly quickly. Otherwise, this tour is perfect for the Vegas visitor who wants to get away and bask in the Grand Canyon’s awe-inspiring beauty before returning to the day’s standard itinerary!

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