Sedona Off Road Adventures

Not all that long ago, Jeep tours used to be the only way visitors to Sedona could tour among the rocks. Today, visitors have an array of options — including the Hummer. These modified military vehicles are tough enough to handle the most challenging terrain, but also comfortable for passengers

About Sedona Off Road Adventures

Sedona Off Road Adventures is the area’s premier Hummer tour operator. Their Hummers offer what is called “stadium” seating, meaning each row is positioned so you can see above the heads of the passengers in front of you. This gives passengers a more unobstructed view of the scenery than traditional Jeep tours or bus tours.

Guides are well trained and knowledgeable and get consistently great reviews for giving passengers a fun and enjoyable experience.

They offer a wide variety of tours, ranging from gentle sightseeing tours to the most extreme off-road adventure in the state. They also offer combo tours with local helicopter companies, wine tasting tours, sunset tours, private tours, and group tours.

Here are some of their most popular tour options:

Sedona Off Road Adventures Tour Spotlight

Red Rock Highlights

Not in the mood for an off-road adventure but still want to see the sights? Hop on the Red Rock Highlights tour. On this 90-minute outing, guides take you to all their favorite spots, while sticking to the paved roads. It’s a fun, informative ride that will help orient you to the area and give you some great views in the process. If you’d like to tailor the tour to your preferences, just talk with the reservations staff and they can help you customize your experience.

Western Trails

If you want to go off-road but not get too crazy with it, consider Western Trails. This two-hour tour is fun and educational, while avoiding a lot of the obstacles and bumpiness of more intense routes. You’ll get some nice vistas, and come back with just enough dust on you to claim bragging rights!

Colorado Plateau

Climb 1500 feet above Sedona to the very edge of the massive Colorado Plateau for a bird’s-eye view of Red Rock County and Oak Creek Canyon on this two-hour tour. Not only are the views divine, it gives you a better sense of the forces that created Sedona and its unique landscape. A lot of Sedona visitors don’t think of taking a plateau tour, but those that do find it a rewarding experience. Note that, while not rated as a particularly “extreme” tour, the road to the rim is very steep and rocky… so strap in and hold on.


Gambler is the family-friendly off-road adventure, offering all of the hallmarks of the perfect Sedona tour — lots of extraordinary views and just enough bumps and twists and drops to leave you laughing. People who have taken the Gambler tour say it’s a scenic, informative, and fun day in the desert. The tour time is about two hours, and the off-road portion is relatively short. A great option for families traveling with kids who might be a little too young for more aggressive rides.

Cliff Hanger

Exclusive to Sedona Off-Road Adventures, Cliff Hanger is sure to test your nerves. A narrow trail along the edge of a sheer drop, filled with rocks and short, steep hills, Cliff Hanger will thrash you up and down and side to side. At the end of the trail is a nice vista, where you’ll stop for a bit to catch your breath and take some photos. Then it’s back on the Hummer for the heart-pounding, bone-rattling return trip.

Jeep Eater

Billed as “the most extreme 4×4 tour in Arizona,” Jeep Eater is designed for the thrill-seeker who wants big, aggressive obstacles and a trail that barely qualifies as a path. This is a four-hour backcountry extravaganza, and visitors do not come back disappointed. It’s a ride that is said to live up to — and often exceed — its reputation.   

Sedona Off Road Adventures; Keep In Mind…

  • Off-road tours are not recommended for those who are pregnant or suffer back or neck problems
  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Minimum age for children is 3. Car seats or booster seats are provided for toddlers and young children
  • Dogs over 20 lbs will be charged the price of a child’s ticket
  • Closed-toed shoes, long pants, and a hat are all recommended.
  • Plan to check in about 30 minutes prior to your scheduled departure time
  • Tours are dusty; consider switching out your contacts for glasses to avoid eye irritation

Is Sedona Off Road Adventure Tours For Me?

Sedona Off-Roads Adventures offer such a wide variety of tours, you are very likely to be able to find something that fits your tastes. Their “extreme” tours do seem to be, in fact, quite extreme. In reviews, guides are consistently praised as being funny, skilled, and very knowledgeable about the area. The front-facing seats on Hummers do allow for a more unobstructed view of the scenery than traditional Jeeps.  

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