Papillon South Rim Airplane Tour

This affordable yet unforgettable tour takes you through a large and spectacular section of the Grand Canyon National Park (GCNP) that’s rarely visited by other tours of the South Rim. Fly high above the Canyon, the only perspective from which to truly understand its size and grandeur. Better still, enjoy that awe-inspiring experience in a touring-designed Vistaliner airplane complete with massive window for every seat and raised wings to prevent blocked views.

Papillon South Rim Airplane Tour Details

This Papillon airplane tour departs directly from the convenient Grand Canyon National Park Airport (just a few miles from the GCNP entrance at the South Rim). Please note that you are responsible for arriving at the airport yourself. Once there, however, you’ll board a specially designed Vistaliner aircraft featuring windows that make aerial photography a breeze! While most South Rim tours focus on the particular beauty and lookout points at the South Rim itself, Papillon’s South Rim Airplane tour is something completely different: it flies you out to the center of the Grand Canyon and all the way to its Eastern Rim! During this nearly hour-long flight, you’ll enjoy unparalleled views of the Zuni Corridor, Imperial Point, and the Confluence of the Colorado River and Little Colorado River; you’ll even soar above the verdant Kaibab National Forest and Plateau.

Papillon South Rim Airplane Tour Major Highlight:

Unlike most tours, the Papillon South Rim Airplane Tour takes you all the way out into the center of the Grand Canyon National Park, as well as to the Eastern Rim—home of some of GCNP’s least known and most beautiful locations.

Is the Papillon South Rim Airplane Tour for You?

Please note that this Grand Canyon airplane tour has no landings or optional embellishments. That said, the South Rim Airplane tour is the perfect choice for budget-conscious families who want to see as much of the Grand Canyon as possible! You’re free to arrive at the national park in the manner best for you; then, experience the Canyon like never before on your airplane tour. You might even pick and choose other activities the GCNP has on offer to create your own custom, affordable, and utterly unforgettable adventure!

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