Pink Jeeps: Grand Canyon West Rim Tour from Vegas

This lengthy but worthwhile luxury tour escorts you from Las Vegas all the way out to Grand Canyon West, the portion of this natural wonder owned and operated by the Hualapai tribe. Pass by Hoover Dam along the way, and enjoy informative, entertaining narration as you pass through the gorgeous Mojave Desert. See everything from Joshua trees to Lake Mead on your journey out, and then explore the wonderful culture of the Hualapai people. Walk out onto the Skywalk at Eagle Point (optional), see amazing views from Guano Point, and enjoy native dances and artwork at the Hualapai Ranch. Throw in a BBQ lunch, and what’s not to love?

Pink Jeep West Rim Tour Details

This is a full day tour, clocking in at about 9-10 hours in duration. You’ll depart from Vegas in the morning on the luxury Tour Trekker vehicle, custom-built just for Pink Jeep (taking advantage of complimentary hotel pick-up if you’d like). Pass by sights along the way including the stunning Lake Mead and the National Recreation Area surrounding it, the Mojave Desert and the world’s only Joshua tree forest, and more. Arrive at Grand Canyon West and the home of the Hualapai, as you spend time at Eagle and Guano points. You’ll stop for a nice BBQ lunch at Eagle Point, giving you time to take pictures and enjoy the sights at a leisurely pace. If you’d like to pay a small upgrade fee, you can step out onto the intimidating Skywalk, an amazing all-glass platform that stretches out above the canyon’s edge. Then, spend some time exploring the Hualapai Marketplace for those perfect souvenirs, and Hualapai Ranch for some entertainment that combines native and cowboy traditions. On the return journey, you’ll even make a brief stop at the Hoover Dam for some pictures. Quite a day, and quite worth the investment.

Major Pink Jeep West Rim Tour Highlights

Lake Mead: This made-made lake, created by the famous Hoover Dam, is today a major place for recreation of all kinds. You’ll see everything from people fishing and swimming to hiking and camping. Keep an eye out for boats on the water as you drive past!

Hoover Dam: A now-iconic marvel of twentieth-century American ingenuity, the Hoover Dam is a striking sight. Since you’ll be able to get off the vehicle for some photographs, you can keep an eye out for its unique architecture features and wonder at the impressive flowing water.

Grand Canyon West: Under the jurisdiction of the Hualapai tribe, this section of the Grand Canyon is significantly different from the National Park. You’ll find two primary viewpoints with some fascinating history, and a lot of native culture to learn about, both historic and modern. There are many opportunities for additional activities here, too, like learning how to tie a lasso.

Eagle Point: You’ll find more than sweeping vistas at this viewpoint. Stroll through the replica of a Native American village, enjoy live performances like dance and music, and stop at the gift store for hand-made crafts and unique works of art. Then, of course, there’s the Skywalk – an all-glass platform that stretches out over the canyon’s edge. What a place to get your picture taken! If you want to try the Skywalk, you need to pay a small fee to Pink Jeep Tours in advance.

Guano Point: This historic viewpoint was known for its proximity to a guano mine (once used for fuel, today it’s merely a historical curiosity). Look out for the remains of the tram line that used to traverse the canyon to reach the mine. You’ll also find the Highpoint Hike here, a short trail you can embark on to get the best views.

Hualapai Ranch: A combination of western and Native styles, this fun ranch is a great place to explore the playful side of Hualapai culture. Enjoy cowboy-themed entertainment, wagon ridges, lasso-throwing, and much more.

Is the Pink Jeep West Rim Tour for You?

Although this tour comes with a decent price tag, it does include a whole lot. You’ll get luxury accommodations with the invaluable resource of your tour guide both ways, get to see a lot of Grand Canyon West and several stops along the route, and even enjoy a tasty lunch. You do have to pay a separate fee to go on the Skywalk, which most people will probably want to do, but it really is a small amount and is definitely worth including in your budget.  Another thing to keep in mind is that children under three are not permitted on the tour, which may pose a problem for families with little ones.