Maverick Helicopters: Grand Canyon Discovery Tour from Grand Canyon West

Embark on a journey to see more of Grand Canyon West than you ever dreamed possible. Get unbeatable views of Hualapai lands as you soar above Grand Canyon West in your state-of-the-art ECO-Star helicopter. Land on the canyon floor, just above the Colorado River, for some invaluable time to explore the majesty and beauty of this natural wonder. A good camera is a must for this trip, as you’ll be taking those postcard-quality photos yourself! Return to Grand Canyon West and explore their wonderful offerings as long as you’d like. Please note that this tour requires the separate purchase of a Legacy pass to Grand Canyon West, not included in the price of the Maverick Helicopter tour.

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Maverick Helicopters Grand Canyon Discovery Tour Details

Departing from Grand Canyon West, this 40-minute tour allows you to soar above one of our country’s most impressive natural wonders and spend some quality time exploring it first hand. You’ll descend to the canyon floor, landing approximately 3,500 feet below the rim, and a mere 300 feet above the rushing Colorado River. You’ll have about twenty minutes to explore the canyon on the ground, so you won’t feel rushed when snapping photos or soaking up the views. Then, you’ll return to Grand Canyon West, where you can explore their viewpoints and many Native American cultural offerings.

Grand Canyon Discovery Tour Highlights

Grand Canyon West: Not affiliated with the National Park, this portion of the Grand Canyon is comprised of lands sacred to the Hualapai tribe. Reflect on their history and heritage as you marvel as the beauties of this popular section of the canyon. You can take especially unique photographs from the canyon floor, too.

Colorado River: From your vantage point a few hundred feet above the river, you’ll get the chance to take beautiful pictures from an ideal height. Marvel at this important waterway and perhaps see some elusive wildlife near its edges.

Hualapai Ranch: One of the main attractions you’ll see as part of Grand Canyon West, this amazing cowboy/Native American ranch is a fun place to see the culture of the traditional American West come to life. Ride horses, learn how to make a lasso and “quick draw,” watch Native performances, and much more.

Eagle Point & Skywalk: One of the premier viewpoints in Grand Canyon West, Eagle Point provides unparalleled views of the canyon below – a great complement to the photos you’ve taken from the canyon floor. It’s also home to the one-of-a-kind Skywalk, which allows you to actually walk out above the canyon’s edge on a solid glass platform. There’s even a gift shop that offers distinctive, hand-crafted gifts you won’t find anywhere else.

Guano Point: This is the other primary viewpoint in Grand Canyon West, and this one comes with some significant history. Take a hike along the Highpoint Trail to see the amazing perspective you’ll get from this promontory, and keep an eye out for the remains of the historic tram that used to traverse the canyon to the old guano mine.

Is Maverick Helicopters Grand Canyon Discovery Tour for You?

This is one of the more budget-friendly helicopter tours out there, especially considering that it includes landing time on the Grand Canyon floor. The only downside is that you need to factor in the cost of a Legacy pass to Grand Canyon West, which is not included in the price of the tour but which is required for you to actually take the tour. This does increase the cost somewhat, although basic Legacy passes start below $50 per person. If you want to do the Skywalk, however, the passes are more expensive. Overall, this Maverick Tour provides access to a wide variety of Grand Canyon West activities and is a really enjoyable, all-inclusive way to spend a day at this amazing location.

Note that you have to purchase this tour online before going to Grand Canyon West. Maverick does not have the ability to take payment there. You will also need to get yourself to Grand Canyon West, either by Tour Bus or by car.