Maverick Grand Canyon Explorer Tour

For Las Vegas visitors looking for a fast and efficient way to view the highlights of Grand Canyon National Park, there is not much out there that will beat Maverick Airline’s Grand Canyon Explorer Tour. Featuring an executive-style fixed wing plane ride, luxury motor coach transportation, and door-to-door service from most popular Vegas hotels, this trip is well worth the cost for those who want to see this amazing site without wasting valuable Vegas vacation time.

Maverick Grand Canyon Explorer Tour Details

The tour begins in the early morning hours in Las Vegas when a Maverick shuttle arrives at the lobby of most Lad Vegas hotel and transports travelers to nearby Henderson, NV and its South Las Vegas terminal. There, a Beechcraft 1900D executive-style fixed wing aircraft waits to take them on the 45-minute flight to Grand Canyon Airport in Tusayan, AZ. Once landed, another shuttle drives the approximately 9 miles from Tusayan to Grand Canyon National Park, also known as the South Rim. Visitors go to two popular lookout spots at Bright Angel Lodge and Mather Point. Generally, groups spend an hour at each area before boarding the coach for the next leg of the trip. During this time, each traveler receives a boxed lunch as part of the tour package to save time and allow them to fully enjoy the experience of the Canyon itself. The motor coach/shuttle returns travelers to Grand Canyon Airport at the end of the tour where the Beechcraft 1900D takes them back to Henderson and then a shuttle returns to each hotel. Generally, travelers arrive back in Las Vegas by the mid-afternoon.

Grand Canyon Explorer Highlight: Mather Point

Most visitors who arrive at Grand Canyon National Park, no matter what their means, encounter Mather Point since it is a short walk away from the Grand Canyon Visitor Center. Named for Stephen Mather, the first director of the National Park Service and a major advocate for establishing a Grand Canyon National Park, this lookout presents spectacular photo opportunities that showcase the quintessential panoramic views that the Canyon is known for all over the world.

There are two narrow rails set up at the end of rocks at Mather Point which project into the center of the Canyon itself. The view allotted by this extended area begins at Garden Creek, near Bright Angel Trial, extends over Pipe Creek and its canyon to the South Kaibab Trail in the east. Other views include Yavapai Creek and Bright Angel Point on the North Rim. From the vantage of Mather Point’s rails, you have a clear view of the North Rim, 10 miles across as well as the opportunity to gaze downward into belly of the Canyon itself and glimpse at the Colorado River below.

Is Maverick Grand Canyon Explorer Tour for You?

This compact and convenient tour is the perfect answer for travelers looking for a way to see the Grand Canyon when visiting Las Vegas but who don’t want to spend 4+ hours in the car or bus each way between destinations. Focusing on the most popular Grand Canyon lookouts at the South Rim, visitors get the chance to truly appreciate all the wonder of the Canyon in their short time while still getting the chance to enjoy all that Las Vegas has to offer that evening. This is an excellent tour for anyone who wants to see the highlights of the Grand Canyon but who doesn’t want to sacrifice their time in Las Vegas to do so.

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  1. Hey eight of us are very interested in getting a helicopter ride into the Grand Canyon in June, but didn’t know if this particular $359.00 trip includes riding over the Hoover Dam? My best friend and sister-in-law both used your service and they highly recommended you, also would you have anymore reduced trips to these areas?

    • This tour is not in a helicopter. It is an airplane ride to the South Rim Airport and then a ride to a couple points on the Rim. All of Mavericks air tours get good views of the Hoover Dam.

    • Hi Linda, This is a great tour to take. Follow the links to Maverick to book this tour at a discount. If you book by the end of the month and take your tour on the 19th of August, you will save $60 per ticket. It’s always a good idea to book your tour early in your vacation.

  2. Had a wonderful time, i would highly recommend, pilot was very nice, answered all of our questions.
    I was wondering if we could still order the video?


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